Our  ethics are based on encouraging all initiatives in the respect of  people and planet

Code of Ethics

Smallispowerful is open to all –men, women and organisations from all horizons and nationalities with a shared purpose to contribute to raise funds destined to bring us to a more equitable, more respectful and more sustainable world and to encourage every single initiative that goes in the same direction.

Our motivations :

  • Deep inside every human being is a fortified wish for peace, for equitability, for harmony, for solidarity in this world. Amidst the technological possibility to obtain virtual support, many feel powerless and alone with the overwhelming challenges our world is faced with. Others simply do not have the opportunity, the time or the means to do something and thus their good intentions turn into passiveness.
  • Combining small individual gestures can achieve a critical mass which in turn can create the power to realize goals
  • Already existing is an important number of involved individuals, associations, NGOs, etc. who, by their own activities contribute to the making of a new and better world.

The goals of smallispowerful:

  • To unite and mobilize together on a virtual platform the greatest possible number of goodwill on this planet
  • To create, develop and make available tools, which can contribute to a greater impact
  • To support the communication between the different players for a better world to achieve cohesion and efficiency
  • To empower every member to have a voice in identifying favoured projects and in having the right to know where his/her contribution went

All individuals or organisations who adhere to smallispowerful pledge:

  • To respect human rights in all their endeavours whether civil, political, economic, social, philosophical, cultural, etc.

  • To never utilise the tools provided by Smallispowerful to ends or purposes that go against the principles and ethics of Smallispowerful

Where are we

We intend to have representatives on each continent. We have started with two, but there are more to come!

Small Is Powerful

Head Office


Small Is Powerful Asia




We will join forces and are looking for partners who work with us to deliver the best platform of change makers


No need to be big to count ! Any positive initiative contributes to the global movement. What matters is to make this happen